Before the Dawn, By Cathy Terranova

Last spring I released a book of poetry, Before the Dawn. It is full of poems that express the feeling of being in the depths of healing. It comes highly recommended! Below is a preview poem: The Shore Dark waves thrash against an eroding shoreline. Coaxing me to wade in ankle deep The sharp […]

Getting Comfortable With Comfort

It seemed like I never had journaled since it had been so long. I’d thought to, meant to, should have; but the collection of my experiences, even day by day, has felt too arduous and painful to set paper to pen and recount each hateful occurence. Even now, the thought of recapping thevlast six months […]


When healing, you learn the difference between being treated poorly and being treated well. This is useful in the implementation of healthy self-care. When you share these new standards with others they will be met with approval and excitement. Those around you will find it flattering and freeing when you point out how they are […]

Ripped Out Stitches

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, but this is fresh, so it’s what I’m going to share today. When you are healing, you are delicate. My doctor used to say, “It’s like you come in here every week for open heart surgery, then at the end of your session you have to resume your life.” […]