Tick, Tock

Trauma is a tricky thing. PTSD is a tricky thing. Our traumas are like shrill echoes down a long hallway. PTSD makes you believe they are not echoes, but that the eerie, disturbing things that happened are happening again. We can get caught up in waiting for the shrieks to fade out. We listen intently […]

“He’s Funny Like That” Repost: December 3rd 2009

Thanks to Facebook now putting a widget (is that right?) for your old forgotten Facebook notes, I found this and I thought it was worth a share. So, thanks, me-from-four-years-ago: Coldplay may have written this song, but it is the message coming from God’s mouth that it has taken me too long to understand and […]

Waiting Sucks, You’re Not Doing It Wrong

The Church is good. GOD knows they try. But some things that echo from well-intentioned pulpits and mouths fluent in “Christian-ese” can warp some pretty heavy things into some nasty half-truths. Let me just tell you now: WAITING SUCKS. Anticipation of good things can be exciting and thrilling! The arrival of something good like a […]