I have had a lot of contact here in the last few weeks with people who are supposed to represent clinics, doctors, and social workers. I don’t recall being treated like a human being by any if them.

Instead of dwelling on being hurt, I’ve realized GOD instead is calling me to pray for those people who are harsh to me. They are going through things too. Who knows what makes mean people mean, but reciprocating the attitude is no cure.

When it comes to the moment, the most loving thing I can do is hold my tongue. Being “sweet” is not even on my radar.

I heard a very honest prayer once, here is my paraphrase:

“Lord, today give me patience. If you give me strength, I will slap this person.”


2 thoughts on “Take-A-Number

  1. I think you have just about described what everyone’s prayer should be…. especially in todays world/society.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep you and yours.

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