Because GOD Said So

Things fall apart more than they ever seem to fall together. I’m learning that the way I respond to things falling apart says much more about me than the way I respond to things falling together. Our bookstore just opened April 9th. It’s very exciting. We are in our early twenties and own our own […]

Disney’s “Frozen” Post: Follow Up, By Doug!

Doug here. Last week, Cathy wrote about Disney’s Frozen. More specifically, about how Elsa, the [sort of] main character, and how she had to overcome shame and fear about her unusual abilities. It was a wonderful post. If you haven’t read it, you should probably stop reading this and go check it out. But then, […]

What Frozen Taught Me About Mental Illness

There is a lot going around about how wonderful a film Frozen is, how the message is pro-feminist, and the fact that neither Elsa nor Ana need a man to save them is groundbreaking (*cough*Brave*cough*Mulan*). I think that the movie is excellent. As far as relatable goes, I don’t really ever find much in common […]