You Is Strong

For those of you who haven’t seen or read, “The Help”. You probably should. Unless you are like me and you can only handle so much sad in one place, then you can make it halfway through the movie and keep promising yourself that one day you’ll finish it. Doug has taken a refrain he […]

Imagined Burdens

Doug here. These last few weeks, I’ve been tired. Extremely tired. Like head spinning, no sleeping, nauseating, too-tired-to-fall-asleep exhaustion. This has happened because of multiple factors, a few of which include owning a new business, family emergencies, an uncomfortable mattress, and horrible, horrible insomnia. Times like these happen. I’m sure I don’t have to tell […]

Why Christians Don’t Make Good Friends

I can’t believe how fast the week goes by! I wrote this article ages ago, but it keeps cropping up in conversation, so I thought I’d share. Trust, you and your struggles in The Church are not alone.  But we can all do better and make a way for positive change. Why Christians Don’t Make […]

My Dog is a Better Person Than I Am.

I learn a lot from my dog. He has a very short list of priorities and needs. Right now, he’s taking a nap for probably the 12th time today. Shy is a retired race dog. He is a 75 pound greyhound who loves food, sleep, walks, and anything that squeaks. He loves meeting new dogs […]