Please Stop Saying You Have a “Phobia”

Phobias are a real thing. They are severe, pervasive, and debilitating. When your frontal lobe (reasoning center) shuts off because you are terrified by the prospect of whatever the stimulus is it is more than just being scared of a bug. There are things I can’t look at or talk about. Some I have no […]

Healing and the Comparison Game

Everyone’s life is different. It’s just the truth. It seems that there are just as many disabilities as abilities and we see story after story of people overcoming obstacles. I just saw that someone- that I admit I was not particularly fond of in high school- has become a model. She has always had a […]

Rethink Trauma: What Your Words Mean

I can’t tell you how many times I have been standing, sitting, lounging, or was otherwise stationary in a group of people and heard someone say not just something hurtful about PTSD but¬†hateful. Then they laugh. Then I bite my lip and try not to burst into tears and insults all at the same time.¬† […]