How to Care About What You Care About

People ask me all the time, “How can I help?” and I’ve started being honest. If you want to help writers that you like, sharing our posts, tweeting our posts, talking about our blogs and books, purchasing our books, leaving reviews, commenting on blog posts, following us on social media; all of these help us in […]

The Whole Point of My Blog

  My relationship with GOD is always the first thing to suffer when things get difficult for me in the mental health department. I forget how to pray. I forget how important it is to pray. I fight the feelings of shame and failure when things aren’t miraculously “better” just because I’m checking all the […]

PTSD In a World of Triggers

PTSD is a triggered disorder. Meaning that; seeing, hearing, or over all experiencing things even loosely related to the trauma can cause anything from a panic attack to a full-blown flashback to sometimes, nothing. Being triggered can look a variety of ways. It can set off a chain of obsessive compulsive behavior like picking at […]

Chronic Fatigue and PTSD

Yesterday I did second interviews for our seasonals at the bookstore. There is, like with every job I hold, a time when I have to explain certain things to bosses or to, now, employees. Since I’ve spent the better part of the last four years either hiding the fact that I was sleeping when I […]

PTSD and Depression

              For those of us with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, symptoms can be any number of a wide variety. PTSD is an avoidance disorder it is the affect of your mind refusing to “deal with” or process trauma. Many people suffer from unprocessed trauma, but it doesn’t always manifest into a […]

Why I’m Getting Adopted and Why It Isn’t Weird

                    I’m 24. “Why do you need to be adopted?”, people ask me. Well, think of all the reasons you don’t need to be adopted and take them away. All the love and support you get from your family; the remembering-your-birthday and letting-you-sign-your-sibling’s-birthday-card-because-you-forgot and crying-on-shoulders and telling-you-everything-will-be-okay. Even […]

You Is Strong

For those of you who haven’t seen or read, “The Help”. You probably should. Unless you are like me and you can only handle so much sad in one place, then you can make it halfway through the movie and keep promising yourself that one day you’ll finish it. Doug has taken a refrain he […]

Disney’s “Frozen” Post: Follow Up, By Doug!

Doug here. Last week, Cathy wrote about Disney’s Frozen. More specifically, about how Elsa, the [sort of] main character, and how she had to overcome shame and fear about her unusual abilities. It was a wonderful post. If you haven’t read it, you should probably stop reading this and go check it out. But then, […]