Lack of Participation Award

Since moving to a new state, I have had to expend a lot of energy making new friends. I’ve also been trying to maintain connections with other meaningful people in my life. Turns out, I do not have the stamina. I have grown increasingly more leery toward people. I don’t trust easily anyway, but it […]

The Ubiquity of Loneliness

My last post about loneliness was met with a loud cry of solidarity. Which left me with the question: Why are so many people lonely? There are so many ways to connect. But we don’t. Not really anyway. We “like” what people are doing or we comment on how others are spending their time, but […]

What’s Thicker Than Blood? Pt.2

Often in The Church, we highlight the good. We like to smooth over the rough bits, find the lessons in difficulties, and pretend that everybody gets along. I’m giving you a permission someone gave me a long time ago: You do not have to like everyone. You do not have to like everyone YOU DO […]