Lack of Participation Award

Since moving to a new state, I have had to expend a lot of energy making new friends. I’ve also been trying to maintain connections with other meaningful people in my life. Turns out, I do not have the stamina. I have grown increasingly more leery toward people. I don’t trust easily anyway, but it […]

The Ubiquity of Loneliness

My last post about loneliness was met with a loud cry of solidarity. Which left me with the question: Why are so many people lonely? There are so many ways to connect. But we don’t. Not really anyway. We “like” what people are doing or we comment on how others are spending their time, but […]

PTSD and Laughter

                          It was during a one act competition my junior year that I ironically won an award for playing a young actress who was struggling with dissociative identity disorder. I had no idea what was waiting in my mind. Looking at this picture […]

“Take-A-Number”: Repost and Commentary

Posted 12/17/13: I have had a lot of contact here in the last few weeks with people who are supposed to represent clinics, doctors, and social workers. I don’t recall being treated like a human being by any if them. Instead of dwelling on being hurt, I’ve realized GOD instead is calling me to pray […]

Why I’m Getting Adopted and Why It Isn’t Weird

                    I’m 24. “Why do you need to be adopted?”, people ask me. Well, think of all the reasons you don’t need to be adopted and take them away. All the love and support you get from your family; the remembering-your-birthday and letting-you-sign-your-sibling’s-birthday-card-because-you-forgot and crying-on-shoulders and telling-you-everything-will-be-okay. Even […]