PTSD and Laughter

                          It was during a one act competition my junior year that I ironically won an award for playing a young actress who was struggling with dissociative identity disorder. I had no idea what was waiting in my mind. Looking at this picture […]

It Isn’t Easier

I saw this Post Secret postcard today.  Amid the chaos in the news and on Facebook and Twitter and every other social media I want to tell this girl, “It isn’t easier.” It isn’t any easier to be white than to be any other race. I am white. It’s not easy. You aren’t exempt from slurs. […]

My Sinking Relation-Ship

Intimacy has always been a difficult thing for me.  I used to tell my parents, “I don’t have any friends”. What I meant was, “I don’t have any intimate relationships”. “Opening up” was never the problem. Until recently, most people could tell you most things about me.  Being married has helped, I have to practice […]