The Holiday Funk

The holidays are my husband’s favorite time of year. He loves decorating, shopping for gifts, wrapping presents, and seeing people’s faces when they open what he’s gotten them. He loves Christmas trees, Advent calendars, Christmas stories, claymation specials; any thing Christmas related- he’s on it. He refers to Christmas movies simply as “Christmases”. “Do you […]

The Whole Point of My Blog

  My relationship with GOD is always the first thing to suffer when things get difficult for me in the mental health department. I forget how to pray. I forget how important it is to pray. I fight the feelings of shame and failure when things aren’t miraculously “better” just because I’m checking all the […]

For Caregivers: Childhood Trauma and Self Soothing

When I was little, I would lay in my bed and brush my hair all to one side. Like someone would if they ran their hands through my hair. When things were scary, I would hide under my bed or in my closet. If that was an option. When I wet the bed, I got […]

Rett Syndrome

That’s my niece, Kaya. She was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome this year. She is a sweet, loving, and affectionate girl. When my sister, Linda, noticed that Kaya was having trouble communicating it began the long journey to the eventual diagnosis that she has Rett. For those of you who don’t know know what it is, […]

Please Stop Saying You Have a “Phobia”

Phobias are a real thing. They are severe, pervasive, and debilitating. When your frontal lobe (reasoning center) shuts off because you are terrified by the prospect of whatever the stimulus is it is more than just being scared of a bug. There are things I can’t look at or talk about. Some I have no […]

Okay? Okay.

Decapitation and other severed body parts are common in surrealist art, especially, of the female form and I can’t help but feel like this woman. Often. It seems lately that for every step I take forward, several are lost. For the amount of hours I clock with my nose to the proverbial grindstone, I find […]

Redefining My Dreams: 10 Things I’ve Let Go So That I Could Heal

  I was inspired this week by a friend, Kait, who could tell you the first, second, and third thing about struggling with chronic illness. She posted about having to give up an opportunity to study abroad in order to begin a more intensive medical regimen to push her Myasthenia Gravis into remission. She inspires me all […]

Why I’m Getting Adopted and Why It Isn’t Weird

                    I’m 24. “Why do you need to be adopted?”, people ask me. Well, think of all the reasons you don’t need to be adopted and take them away. All the love and support you get from your family; the remembering-your-birthday and letting-you-sign-your-sibling’s-birthday-card-because-you-forgot and crying-on-shoulders and telling-you-everything-will-be-okay. Even […]

Who I Am: American Scar Stories and How I’m Learning My Worth

It is less-than-common knowledge that I spent most of my life striving to accomplish a very singular goal: To be a performer. I didn’t want to be a writer until GOD asked me to. I’ve always had a lean towards the verbal and I’m sure it is not disappointing to any of my English teachers […]

I Am Sam

(Massive spoiler ahead if you haven’t read or watched any of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.) Doug here. Owning a bookstore gives me certain unalienable rights. One of those is to have a mild-to-moderate obsession with Lord Of The Rings, the trilogy by JRR Tolkien. Not only did this series pave the way for […]