How to Care About What You Care About

People ask me all the time, “How can I help?” and I’ve started being honest. If you want to help writers that you like, sharing our posts, tweeting our posts, talking about our blogs and books, purchasing our books, leaving reviews, commenting on blog posts, following us on social media; all of these help us in […]

For Caregivers: Childhood Trauma and Self Soothing

When I was little, I would lay in my bed and brush my hair all to one side. Like someone would if they ran their hands through my hair. When things were scary, I would hide under my bed or in my closet. If that was an option. When I wet the bed, I got […]

Sexual Abuse and Hygiene

    Diane Langberg’s book, On the Threshold of Hope, is full of wise and healing advice. So much so, that I couldn’t actually get past a particular chapter. Turns out, there are things even I would rather not face head on. What a lot of survivors won’t tell you is that we fight a seemingly […]

PTSD and Laughter

                          It was during a one act competition my junior year that I ironically won an award for playing a young actress who was struggling with dissociative identity disorder. I had no idea what was waiting in my mind. Looking at this picture […]

Please Stop Saying You Have a “Phobia”

Phobias are a real thing. They are severe, pervasive, and debilitating. When your frontal lobe (reasoning center) shuts off because you are terrified by the prospect of whatever the stimulus is it is more than just being scared of a bug. There are things I can’t look at or talk about. Some I have no […]

I Am Sam

(Massive spoiler ahead if you haven’t read or watched any of The Lord Of The Rings trilogy.) Doug here. Owning a bookstore gives me certain unalienable rights. One of those is to have a mild-to-moderate obsession with Lord Of The Rings, the trilogy by JRR Tolkien. Not only did this series pave the way for […]

Imagined Burdens

Doug here. These last few weeks, I’ve been tired. Extremely tired. Like head spinning, no sleeping, nauseating, too-tired-to-fall-asleep exhaustion. This has happened because of multiple factors, a few of which include owning a new business, family emergencies, an uncomfortable mattress, and horrible, horrible insomnia. Times like these happen. I’m sure I don’t have to tell […]