PTSD and Laughter

                          It was during a one act competition my junior year that I ironically won an award for playing a young actress who was struggling with dissociative identity disorder. I had no idea what was waiting in my mind. Looking at this picture […]

Please Stop Saying You Have a “Phobia”

Phobias are a real thing. They are severe, pervasive, and debilitating. When your frontal lobe (reasoning center) shuts off because you are terrified by the prospect of whatever the stimulus is it is more than just being scared of a bug. There are things I can’t look at or talk about. Some I have no […]

Guest Post- Surviving Trauma: The Big Mistake Even Smart People Make

   Jenny Cutler-Lopez I became what I am today at the age of twenty-two. Through my hospital window, I watched clouds float across a summer sky. I saw a group of people laugh together as they walked across the parking lot, flowers in hand. A lawnmower buzzed in the distance. Like it was any other day. I’ve […]